Chris Anderson Urological Surgeon
Mr Chris Anderson

Consultant Urological Surgeon
in London, UK


This is my personal website focussing on Robotic Surgery, Prostate cancer and Kidney (Renal) cancer. These are my areas of particular specialist expertise in my practice as a Consultant Urological Surgeon in London.

The website offers a comprehensive tour of the subjects of Prostate and Renal cancers and also explains the fine detail about what to expect if you plan to undergo any of the operations described. Robotic surgery earns its own place on the site due to its explosive impact on the surgical scene and its anticipated growth in its application.

There are details about how to arrange appointments. Like most Urologists in the UK, I see patients with general urological problems as well: these include prostate problems of any nature; erectile dysfunction, infertility; vasectomy and reversal vasectomy; circumcision; urinary infections, testis and early stage bladder cancer and scrotal problems.

I always aspire to treat my patients with compassion and communicate in a relaxed and informal way. I endeavour to make the patient journey as seamless as possible and am accessible at all times for help. I encourage seeing patients with their partners as their care and support is as important in health as in sickness.

I hope your journey through the website is informative and encourages you to continue your information gathering at the other websites acknowledged.

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